Apex Legends better than PUBG: How?

Apex Legends better than PUBG yes we are right. As the PUBG is doing very good in the market of gaming either of PC Xbox One or of PlayStation 4 but now here is a new game Named Apex Legends to aver come the market of PUBG.


  • How Apex Legends is Better than PUBG?
  • Why Apex Legend is better?
  • How PUBG is in Danger after launching of Apex Legends?

Apex Legends better than PUBG

As the PUBG is on the peak as of the games nowadays. But there is another game named as Apex Legends has been launched on PC, Xbox One and in PlayStation 4. Which is taking the market of other games, like PUBG. So, here in this, we will go through how and why Apex Legends better than PUBG.

How Apex Legends is Better than PUBG?

As from the reports the Apex Legends game is very attractive than that of PUBG in many ways so some of that of shown and reviewed by the many players some reasons are as follows :

  • This game has very Good Graphics as that of the PUBG its graphics are far better.
  • The functioning of the game is of the next level which is advanced.
  • There is the use of Advanced Weapons which makes this more interesting and curious.
  • This game is full of great experience for the Gamer.

Why Apex Legend is Better than PubG?

Apex Legends better than PUBG

There are some reasons why this game is better. So, without wasting time let us discuss them

  • This is the updated version of all the Battle Ground Games.
  • The software used in the game is of Anti frames drop which is a great thing for the players.
  • The use of new Weapons is available in the game.
  • The player’s theme is a little bit cartoonist but the experience of the game due to that make a perfect combo.

How PUBG is in DANGER after launching of Apex Legends?

From the above parameter, PUBG’s market is in danger just because of the things that are offered by the Apex Legends whose experience is of the next level. So, to maintain the market of PUBG the developers are giving new updates as they collaborated with Resident Evil and gave an update with Zombies mode. From there, the rumors show this will be ending of PUBG Era. No doubt the PUBG is a great game but with time everything got updated.

If you want to see the Game Play of the game Apex Legends:

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