Best Computer Courses after 10th and 12th: You must Know!

Best computer courses after 10th or 12th class to get a better job..? we all have a question about which computer courses are best?. As we all know that nowadays a computer is just like a Part of our life. We can do a lot of stuff using Computers like if you want entertainment than you use to play Games else movies etc.

Let me tell you a short story

One day when I was coming from my college and I was on the way to my resident, Suddenly a boy(Junior) came to me and asked me about some Best courses in the computers field and I gave him complete information about some good courses to choose after 12th class or after its equivalent qualification. As his brother is also in the 10th standard so, I also gave him some information and names of courses for his brother which he can adopt after his 10th.

So, I think to write a blog on this topic. As many of us want (who have the interest to make their career in the computers field)to know the best courses after the 10th and 12th standard. As in today’s world, there are a lot of courses available for the students and for youths. But it is so difficult to choose the course. If you also have these questions…

Which is the best short term course on the computer? Which computer course is the best for jobs? What computer courses are in demand?

So, don’t worry we will solve your problems regarding this topic. By the end of this blog, You will get a complete idea about the best computer courses after 12th class and also after 10th class.

Best Computer courses after 10th and 12th class:


best computer courses


As after the 10th class, we don’t know what to do what to choose like we have an option to choose Subjects like med, non-med. Firstly if you want a carrier in the computer field. So, you have to choose a Subject (after 10th) which has an additional subject Computer science or IP.

Firstly, we will talk about the Best computer courses for a starter in the computers field(after 10th class). These courses will help the 10th passed out students to decide their career in Computers.

Some Best computer courses after 10th:

1. The Basic course in Computer science after 10th class:

This course is for those who have no knowledge of computers. Just for a learner to learn some basics about Computers. This is very important for you all to do this because if you have to make your roots strong in the computers field, you must have to go through this course.

This course includes :

  • Computer fundamental.
  • Computer Networking.
  • Ms-office.
  • Internet searching.

The time period of this course is not more than 3 to 6 months. You can do this from any private institute. By the end of this course, you will be more comfortable with a system as a starter. After this, you can choose any course but you have to learn these things (which are mention above in the Course include) on your own.

2. Computer programming certification Course:

As you know everything has their own language similarly in the computers field there are also a lot of languages available. So, in this course, you will learn about some Programming languages.

According to technical_sapien: Students make sure to start coding after 10th. If they are interested(I have asked this question to admin).

Now you may have the question “what is a Programming language.?”

What Wikipedia says about

What is Programming languages..?

A programming language is a formal language, which comprises a set of instructions used to produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to create programs that implement specific algorithms.

I think now you can imagine the importance of a programmer and you know, what! the salary of a programmer on average is 1 lakhs per month. Some Companies even pay more than this.

In the future, if you want to become a software developer, hacker or programmer. Then this course is very important for you. This course is very helpful for you. With the help of this course, you can develop software. So if you are interested in learning languages so this course is very essential for you and you must have to go through this course.

3. Diploma in computer science and engineering:

This course is for those who want to study about Computers after passing their 10th standard.

This course includes:

  • Computer fundamental.
  • Networking
  • Computer languages.
  • A web programming language.

This course is also for those who don’t want to study 11th and 12th and they want to make a carrier in the computer field. This course is of 3 years. After this course, you can take admission in 2nd year of its upgrade course. It means after this course you can join BTECH 2nd Year by an entrance exam.


In Specific words After completing this Diploma course(In India this course is offered by NITS Polytechnic also), one may go for a Bachelor’s Degree by making use of the lateral entry(By qualify entrance exam).

It is the course that required minimum educational qualification. If you are willing to spend 3 years, this course will give you good software and programming skills.

Note: It can also be done after 12th passed science stream (mathematics group), students.

4. Some other short term courses Students can opt after 10th:

Studying short-term computer courses are time-saving and has many advantages. The first benefit is their course duration is less and makes it possible to complete the course before joining the school for the next session. Several computer institutes across India are offering such short duration courses.

So, Here are some Short term Best Computer related courses name:

  • Certificate Course in Graphics Designing.
  • Certificate Programme in MS Office.
  • Certificate Course in Web Designing
  • Certificate Course in SEO.

let me clear you one thing: Value is off Skills, not the Courses you choose. But the list and courses(you can choose after 10th class) have mentioned above are best among all. So choose wisely and improve your skills as much as you can. The pro tip for improving the skills you just have to perform well and gain knowledge about everything that is important for your work.

Now here are some best computer courses you can opt after 12th standard…

Best Computer courses after 12th!

1. DCA- Diploma in computer application:

If you have little knowledge of computer then you can do this course after 12th and also with college. This course is of at least 6 Months or 1 year.

This course imparts specialization in the fields of

  • Basics Computer Skills
  • MS Office Applications
  • Internet Basics
  • E-Business
  • Software Hacking & IT security
  • PC Assembly and Troubleshooting
  • Software Engineering

After Completing this, they will give you a certificate and you can fix any small problem with the computer. You can also apply for a small job. You can do this course from any institute. It is a base of all the major courses but it is also very important because your base must be strong. you must know about the errors that can occur in the system.

2. Android app development course:

This course is for those people who want to earn money by sitting at home. In this course, you learn how to do Android development. For this, some programming languages are taught you like java and many more, they also teach you about how to use Android development tools, how to make an interface.

What Wikipedia says: Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. Google states that”Android apps can be written using Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages” using the Android software development kit (SDK), while using other languages is also possible.

This is also a certification course after this you can also get a job and you can earn hell out of money. you can work as an Android developer in a company or you can develop your own Android app by staying at home. This is also a very interesting and useful course. The best part is you are also able to develop apps as per your needs. So, that will make you boss of your own which is best for those who don’t want to work under someone’s leadership.

Courses suggestion:

  • You can join any reputed institute.
  • Online courses.
  • You can choose a Nanodegree course (mentioned below).

3. Ethical hacking:

You can also choose this course after 12th. In this field, you learn some basics of hacking or cybersecurity. After that, you also have to do some more certifications. After some certifications, you will be called Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Wikipedia says about CEH: Certified Ethical Hacker is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security of computer systems by looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems, using the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system.

This knowledge is assessed by answering multiple choice questions regarding various ethical hacking techniques and tools. The code for the C|EH exam is 312-50. This certification has now been made a baseline with a progression to the C|EH (Practical), launched in March 2018, a test of penetration testing skills in a lab environment where the candidate must demonstrate the ability to apply techniques and use penetration testing tools to compromise various simulated systems within a virtual environment.

If you have great skills then you can get a salary as per your demands. Even in India the requirement of an Ethical hacker is too much. So it is also a great carrier option through which you can earn a lot of money. It’s just upon skills if you have skills you can do anything in your skilled field.

Ethical Hacking Courses(Suggestions)

This course has been checked by our team that’s why we are recommending it to you.

Free course:

check on this Link -one of the best courses on ethical hacking(Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking) by Cybrary.

Paid course:

This course is from Udemy you can buy this one also –

Computer Degree Courses After 12th

After 12th class not only you can choose courses related to CS but you can do a certain degree in CS also.

4. BTech – CSE

This is the most popular course in the field of computer science. After Completing this course, you will get a job easily in any IT company. In this course, you will learn software engineering, web designing, different languages like C, C++, web languages like HTML etc

what is Computer science engineering (CSE)..?

What says about what is Computer science engineering (CSE) – It is one of the popular courses among engineering aspirants which focuses on the basic elements of computer programming and networking. Students pursuing computer science courses will gain knowledge of the design, implementation, and management of information systems of both hardware and software.

Going by the name, CSE course deals primarily with the theory of computation and design of computational systems. The course is offered across the globe in technical institutions at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels awarding B.Tech and degrees, respectively. . It is a type of engineering. It is an expensive course but very useful.

Note: If you are good in your field then only you can get this much salary.

So you can opt this course after 12th as a graduate degree.

5. BCA course:

First of all, let me introduce you to BCA.

What is BCA..?

BCA stands for Bachelor in computer application, it is the same as BTech. In this course, you will learn software engineering, different languages, algorithms, etc. Which is a very good career if you want to do something in the computers field.

What careers360 says – BCA is known Bachelor in Computer Application. BCA is a 3-year graduation degree course. Generally, students having an interest in computer language pursue the same.

About salary:

It is not Fix. As new research, you can earn up to 50k and one thing you have to keep in mind that In this field the value is only of skills, not of degree. So if you are perfect in your field then you can get a salary of your choice. What you just know about the next step and all the errors and how to fix it.

You can do this course from any government or private institutes.

Some other computer degree courses related to CS you can opt after 12th…

  • B.Sc (Computer Science).
  • CSE Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.
  • CSE Internet of Things.
  • CSE Mobile Computing.
  • CSE Open Source and Open Standard.
  • Information Technology.

6. Nanodegrees:

Now you have a question in your mind what is a Nanodegree..?

What is Nanodegree.?

It’s a credential provided by an online education platform called Udacity.

Udacity is a platform where you can take online courses focused on the technology sector. Their nanodegree is their signature “degree” that validates completion of the course. They also partner with some corporate giants and can help students find jobs with these particular in-demand skills/knowledge.

Let me tell you one thing, The courses offered under this program(nano degree) are so expensive but you know what the cost you spend in this program is worth it. Because you will get a good salary package through this if you done this courses very well..

Click here for Nanodegrees-

Last words:

I think that is enough for this blog. The courses mentioned above are the best of all. They all are on-demand skills. If you choose any of them please do it very well because Skills is important not degree or courses.

So, if there is anything in which you have issues you can comment below we will reply to you as soon as possible and will try to give you all the possible knowledge or information regarding your issues.

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