Full Form of DP | What is DP? | DP Full Form [Detailed Explanation with Infographic]

Full Form of DP? DP Full Form? We all often hear from our surroundings that I have changed my DP today. How is my new DP? What is the best DP for my account? But do you know about the Full Form of DP? All of us should know about DP full form, but there are many users who do not know about this. So if you do not even know what is DP? Don’t even know about DP Full form? Just go through each line and get all of your questions solved.

DP full form is different in a different location. But here in social media, it is considered as Display Picture. Also, in many places, it is known as Desktop Profile.

I guess you should go through each and every point to get your other doubts clear. Also, there is an Infographic for you in the end and if you are in Hurry Just watch this Video.

If you want to know more about DP apart from Full form of DP. Just deep dive into this.

Meaning Of DP Or What is DP? Or DP Full Form or Full form of DP?

DP word has a different meaning in different places. For example, DP word for Computer Science and for technology students it is data processing. In Politics, it is the Democratic Party.

DP Full Form is different in different platforms.

But all these Short Form DPs are limited to some limited people and it is not necessary for everyone to know it too. But the DP word used on social media is common to all types of people, whether it is a student, a businessman, an Employee, and a complete form is the same for all.

If you will ask someone usually Full Form of DP? So many people will answer the desktop picture, whereas this is a wrong full form of DP. Photos used on social media and messaging profiles as a Profile picture are called Display Picture.

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Full Form Of DP | DP full form :

This is the Full Form of DP: “Display Picture

Whatever the photo we used earlier on an account like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram is considered as Profile Picture and this word was first used for Facebook and then replaced by the DP and now it became the most popular word for social media.

According to www.successcds.net DP Full Form is:

The Full form of DP is Display Picture. DP in social media stands for Display Picture also known as a profile picture. DP in context from social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc stands for Display Picture. It was used in the early days of online messaging. Profile Picture is the new term introduced by Facebook.

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Benefits of DP:

Display Picture is one of the three most important factors used for any Social Media or Messaging account. Also known as NIP and NIP stands for :

  • N – Name
  • I – ID (Email, username, Phone number)
  • P – Profile Picture OR Display Picture.

This three-factor is very important for social media or messaging because if we know any two factors from all three of these, then we can recognize anyone immediately. for example…

The name is a common factor, it can be two or more people in our friends and Id is unique. In such a situation, if there is a person’s name and ID with different Display Picture, then we will immediately understand who he is. If we know someone’s ID but do not know the name, then we can not recognize it. But if we have his photo with his ID, then we can recognize him immediately.

The biggest advantage of a display picture or a DP is that if we come to an unknown number message and that person has a profile picture, then we immediately know the person’s name.

Type Of DP:

The DP is now called a profile picture that is used everywhere but its name changes for some platform. It is just like a Brand gives a name to everything for example:

  • WhatsApp Photo used in the WhatsApp Messaging App Profile.
  • A Facebook picture is used on a Facebook profile is known as Facebook Picture, if we have posted Cover Photo or any Post on Facebook, as a Picture, then it will not be called a DP.
  • Similarly, the Instagram picture on the Instagram profile is called Instagram Picture and if we share it on a photo Instagram account, then it will not be called a DP.

How to change a DP on WhatsApp

Now here I will tell you the step to change profile picture on WhatsApp.

  • Firstly you have to open your WhatsApp app to change your profile picture.
  • After that just click on three-dots. Then you have to click on settings.
  • After clicking on Settings, you have to click on the camera icon on your WhatsApp profile.
  • After that, you have to go to the gallery and select the picture you want as a WhatsApp Profile Picture and you just have to click on OK. In this way, your WhatsApp profile picture will change.

How to Change a DP on Facebook?

Now here you will learn how to change profile picture on Facebook.

  • Firstly you have to open Facebook.
  • After that, you will see a box on the left side.
  • Then click on the box.
  • Here you will find the update profile picture, click on it.
  • Clicking on the upload photo
  • After that, you have to select your photo and then you have to click on it.
  • After that, your photo will be set as profile picture.

How to Change a DP on Instagram?

Now here you will learn how to change DP in Instagram.

  • Firstly open Instagram in your Phone.
  • Click on the Profile icon.
  • Click on Edit Profile.
  • Click on Change Profile Picture.
  • Just select a photo from your gallery and upload.
  • After this, your Photo will be set as Profile Picture.


Full form of dp

Final Words:

Many people do not know about the DP Full Form. In such a case anybody can ever ask for Awareness so we should know the DP Full Form is “Display Picture” and used it for all Social Media profile. May this will help you and I guess now you have the full idea and you know what is DP about.

If you have any doubt so drop a comment below. We all respond to it as soon as possible.

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Full form of DP in school?

DP full form is different in a different location. But here in school, it is considered a Diploma in Physical Education. It is a 2-year duration diploma offered by universities and different colleges.

DP Full form in hindi?

The Full form of DP is Display Picture. DP in social media stands for Display Picture also known as a profile picture.

DP full form in banking

The full form of DP in Banking is a Depository Participant. This Depository Participant is an agent of depository. They act as a intermediate between the investor and depositor. This relation between DP’s and Depository is governed by an agreement which is made under depositories act.

DP full form in electrical

DP Full form in electrical is double pole.

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