Meaning of Hybrid Sim Slot and Extender | How to Use?

As we all know that nowadays in maximum cases you will get a Hybrid sim slot in smartphones. What if you want to Use Both Sim Cards and SD card in your Smartphone? Today we will tell you about what is Hybrid Sim Slot and a Hybrid Sim Slot Extender.

What is Hybrid sim slot?

The word hybrid means a combination or fusion of features from two or more different entities. Hybrid SIM card slot allows us to use our phone as a dual-SIM phone or as a single-SIM phone with a microSD card in the second slot to expand the phone’s memory.

In easy words:

Nowadays we all get a slot in our SmartPhones in which we only can use One Sim card and One SD card or Two sim cards. In one time we can only able to use One Sim and One SD card or One sim and One SD card. These types of slots considered as Hybrid Sim Slot.

Cons of Hybrid Sim Slot:

1. A dual SIM phone without Expandable memory.

2. A single SIM phone with expanded memory.

Advantages of Hybrid SIM Card slot:

The First advantage of Hybrid Sim Slot is that you do not need to open the phone’s hard case anymore. Just use a pin and insert it into Slot hole. The tray will be in your Hand. Also, It helps Smartphones Companies to make Smartphones more slimmer.

Some Experts also mentioned that Because of this(Hybrid Sim Slot) the usage and consumption of Ram, CPU and battery is also less.

Dual sim vs Hybrid sim slot

A few years back we all Get smartphones in which we are able to use only one Sim card. After some time We all get a smartphones variant with Dual Sim card slots. We all prefer dual Sim card slot smartphones over single Sim card slot variants at that time. Then after some time companies prefer that the design should be enhanced. They turn dual sim card slot and SD card slot into one slot which is now termed as Hybrid sim slot. With all these changes they also increase the size of internal storages.

But the phones which come under 15k has an internal storage of 16 Gb or 32 GB. Also, in this memory 5, 6 GB is reserved by the system. If we install some extra apps on it. The leftover memory will be finished and in this case, we thought for Some external storage. But in Hybrid Sim slot we can only use these cases: Two Sim cards or One Sim card and One SD card.


1. In Hybrid Sim Slot, you can insert a SIM and SD card, but in Dual Sim Slot you can use two sims but not the SD card.    

2. In Dual SIM, you have the advantage of putting 2 sims, but you can not use two sims in Hybrid Sim Slot.

3. The look and design of the Hybrid Sim Slot are much better than the Dual SIM slot phone.

We all use one Sim as an alternative. If I talk about the latest case. Many Indian users use Jio sim as an alternative to the Internet and they all have another Sim card for main purposes. In this case, you can’t of any of the Sim but you want to extend the memory of your smartphone.

Here comes the role of Hybrid sim Slot extender.

Hybrid Sim Slot Extender:

Hybrid Sim slot extender is used one we want to use SD card with Two sim card. It means with the help of the extender you can use Both the sim card and Even you can use SD card at the same time.

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How to use Hybrid Sim Slot Extender:

  • To put it in your smartphone, put a micro SIM in the SIM slot of the phone.
  • Put the first Hybrid SIM Slot Extender in the second slot and then put the SD card on it.
  • Now, by putting your second SIM in the Extender’s second slot, connect the Extender and paste it back to your phone.

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