TRP Full Form and Everything related to TRP | Fully Explained!

What is TRP? Or What is Television Rating Point? TRP Full Form? If you have these questions? So, Today I am going to tell you about TRP, TRP full form and everything related to this in detail.
If you watch TV you must have heard about this term TRP. Often people say that the TRP of some serial is very high and Some serials have low TRP. But very few people know what is TRP? TRP full form? And why this term used for. If you do not even know about TRP, then you are the perfect place.

Because today you will get complete information about it and you will know what is the TRP, how it is checked and everything related to this.

Note: TRP used one device which is known as People’s meter which comes under Tech niche.

What is TRP and TRP Full Form?

Full of TRP is TELEVISION RATING POINT. TRP(TELEVISION RATING POINT), provide that type of tool which determined how much TV Channel or Tv show are mostly watched by users. TRP means that which television show is more popular in daily routines, and how many people do watch this show and also how much time they spend on them.

What other says:

Television Rating Point (TRP) is a tool provided to judge which programmes are viewed the most.

How TRP is calculated?

trp full form

Right now INTAM (Indian Television Audience Measurement) is the only agency which is working in the field of TRP calculation.

It works on two methods:

1) Frequency Monitoring Method:

In this method one device(People’s meter) is attached to the TV sets of some areas to analyse and record the data and time of Viewers that how much and which serial’s or channels they all prefer. After that, an average is taken for the 30-day period to know viewership status. Then the most viewed Channel and serial’s is considered as they have High TRP.

2) Picture Matching Technique:

In this method, People’s meter records a small portion of the picture that is watched on a Particular Televisions set region. After that, all the data from the sample homes are used to calculate the national rating.

In short:

For checking the TRP of Tv serials or Tv channels. The administration of media fitted a People’s meter(It is a device) in different places, to detect the specific frequency, and this frequency helps us to determine which TV serial is the most watched by the user and how many times advertisement are shown on TV.

With the help of People’s meter, The detail of every minute of Television has been sending to Monitoring team( INDIAN TELEVISION AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT). From taking the information from the People’s meter, Monitoring team analysis that which television serial is more popular in this week.

What is People’s meter?

Let us explain People’s meter via an example:

if we take an example of People’s meter than the Best example is Analytics By Google. If you are a Blogger or Youtube creator than I guess you used Analytics and you will get what I am trying to say.

In analytics, you are able to see how much views you are getting on your Blog or Youtube videos. From where you are getting visitors. Even age group and Gender is also mentioned in analytics. You also get the ads impression data. Their GEO Location and many more things. Similarly People’s meter work. They don’t provide that much data as analytics but People’s meter show you all information related to Channels and Serials.

What is the effect on Channels due to having more or less TRP?

I think now you understand the Full Form of TRP. TRP is directly related to the Popularity of a Connection Channel or Serial. It means TRP or Television rating Point has some effect on Channels. The directly effect is on Income of Channel.

All the Channels earn from the Advertisements which they show during Serial Breaks. In this Case, if the TRP of a channel is Low than the Advertisers don’t give Good amount to Channel owners to show their advertisements on Serial Breaks.

TRP is also depended on some serials. Some Serials Grap the attention of the Public. For example, The Kapil Sharma Show comes on Sony TV increases the TRP of Sony Channel.

We all know that if we want to Promote our Products via TV ads. We have to pay more to High TRP channels as compare to low TRP channels. If we promote our ads in between Kapil Sharma show or Nagin Serial. We have too much higher than any other Serial.

Hopefully, you guys understand what the TRP? and TRP full form. Television Rating Point is used to check the popularity of any Channel TV Show or Serial which I have explained very well.


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