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What is affiliate marketing? Many of us know about this. But today we are going in depth. By the end of this blog, you are ready to earn money from today. What is affiliate marketing blog-Post is off 100$ worth. Firstly let us know about what is affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which we all promote someone else product and in return, the product vendor will give us some commission.

A simple and easiest explanation by techforyouths.com. Now, what other says about affiliate marketing?

According to Neil Patel:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing is a Profitable Online Business!

In this field, you don’t even need any product. You only need to promote the product in different ways.

It may be via paid traffic, organic search, email marketing and even many more.

There are many people’s in India who are earning 5 figures in a month without doing anything. Things are on auto-pilot mode.

Affiliate marketing as a carrier?

Just tell me one thing…

We all go to school, colleges and university for our education. For what we all are doing this thing. We all even don’t guess and think about our education as a carrier.

Similarly, affiliate marketing is a mind-blowing business. But you have to make your different sources of income. It may be your own digital marketing company.

See affiliate marketing is a long term business because in future also all of the vendors will launch new products and they need marketers to promote their product.

So don’t worry

Don’t think this is a short term business.

What do you need to start affiliate marketing?

As I am also into affiliate marketing. I will tell you the truth about what you need to start affiliate marketing.

#1. Blog

Many bloggers earn hell out of money from affiliate marketing. In India, Mr Harsh Agarwal earn up to 20 lakh in a month. So see the potential of affiliate marketing.

If you have a blog of any niche with decent traffic. You are good to go. Just review some products of your niche. Like if I belong to Phones niche. I will review smartphones.

Then I will put my affiliate link in my blog post. If someone buys that product from my link. You will get your commission.



You only need a Blog with decent traffic. Well, this is the one way. There are more ways also.

#2. Landing pages.

Mr Gaurav madaan is one of the best affiliate marketers in India. We even can’t judge how much he earns. I guess he earns at least 5 figures in a week. Things are on autopilot mode.

This is one of the best methods which Gourav madaan loves a lot. You just need hosting with WordPress installed.

And a good landing page builder. There is a lot of landing page builder in the market. Just choose wisely.

Now you have a question

what is landing pages?

The landing page is a page where you are going to send your traffic for conversions. Example You can send this traffic via paid marketing termed as SEM or SMM.

Or Via free traffic SEO.

If you have any query in this section. Just comment below.

#3. If you have already a good audience.

I don’t like this method that much. Many of my friends are in a lot of family groups. They just refer their products into that group. If their friends or family members want to buy that product. They simply go for it.

But wait…

Is this an affiliate marketing.?

Is this a business.?

Yes of course but not That much good.

Because you have a mix audience of different interest.

If you want to make this as a business. Just make your own audience by capturing their emails from landing pages. Then if you want to refer something related to the niche in future then you can easily mail them.

I know you didn’t get this. Wait i have mentioned below the same concept…

Do you know?

You know Email is a great asset of Deepak Kanakaraju Ulf Digital Deepak.

#4. Email Marketing Tool

You don’t need this tool in beginning but once you take it as a business. Just go for it. As i mentioned above that Emails is the greatest asset for Digital Deepak. You just capture the user Emails and categorised them into a certain category. For example, I am promoting a digital product and capturing emails. Similarly, i am promoting health products and capturing these emails also. Now i will categorise them into two categories.

In future, if i want to send an email about a new digital product to my digital products user. Then i will send to them, not to Health product user. Because they both are of different nature, Different niche etc..

Some other tools: Top 21 Affiliate Marketing Tools for Super Affiliates

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

Well, you don’t need to pay a cost to join an affiliate program. The overall cost is of paid marketing, Paid tools like email marketing tools etc. But in the case of Blog, you don’t need to worry about these things also.

Although they will ask you some questions. So answer them very intelligently because their team will review that form. Don’t worry just go through this blog and you are good to go.

Visit Here:

What qualifications do you need to become an affiliate marketer?

You just need good marketing skills and a Good copywriting skills. It will be an advantage for you else there is literally no qualification required.

How much money you can make as an affiliate marketer?

Limitless is the only answer. It depends on the way you are going to promote. Your landing page, Your Blog or anything else which you are showing to the user will decide.

But wait just keep these points in your mind…

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Make Money From Your Blog:

1# Niche

Riches in the niches

Lower the competition in the niche higher you are going to earn. Niche is the most important factor that will contribute to your success. So, choose wisely.

2# Marketing

We all love online traffic rather than on road traffic. Higher the traffic higher the earning But Higher quality traffic is the key. So try to target the quality audience. Promote your brand. Build a loyal audience. The best example of how masterblogging.com is promoting its brand from marketing.

3# Research your audience

It is considered as laser targeting. You want to sell health product but you are targeting digital product buyers. So think about your conversion rate. It will be zero. Find the best and quality audience.

4# Choose the right affiliate

Choosing the right affiliate is also important. There are several affiliate services available like ShareASale, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates etc. Amazon is so vast that it has almost everything that can be bought.

5# It will take time

Success doesn’t come in one night. So just wait for some time.

TOP Affiliate Networks where you can earn from:

There are a lot of networks available online these days but I suggest these networks to you:

  1. Commission Junction (CJ)
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Impact Radius
  4. ClickBank
  5. ShareASale

In India, Vcommission is also Good to go.

3 Mistakes you should Avoid in Affiliate Marketing

Over Selling:

Too much promotion is also not good, it distracts and irritates the audience. You should rather help people with useful products that are relevant to them and let them buy as per their need.

Sugar Coating:

Don’t try to please them. Be genuine about the products you are promoting. If the user will like they go for it.

No Product Comparisons and Reviews:

You should review 2 or more products and compare them. By this, you are making a good connection with the audience.

What is affiliate marketing via video:

Hope you like this Blog What is affiliate marketing. If you have any doubt please leave a comment below. Our team will resolve your every query.

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