Why GTA Vice City Has No End | Secret Revealed ?

Do you ever think Why GTA Vice city has no end? Ever thought about Why real-world Games has no end.? Don’t worry we will tell you about one of the famous game GTA Vice City.

Today we will go into our old days where we are too much fond of some games like GTA series, Super Mario and Contra. We all loved these games a lot even nowadays we play sometimes these games. At that time the computer is in very less amount. Very few people at that time are capable of affording Pcs. Many of us played these Games by going to Someone else place and because of these factors we are attached to these games a lot.

So today we are going to Talk about Why GTA Vice City has no end. It is just like a never-ending game. Everyone has a different connection with this vice city game.

Note: This is not only about Vice City. Maximum open-world game has not ended in their gameplay. They have an open world to play. They can move from one place to another to explore the city. They even can fight and many more with normal citizens.

Why GTA Vice City has no end?

When you complete all of your missions. Then there is a point when you reached the Last mission. The name of the Last mission is keeping your friends close away. Then there is no mission left to complete. So then you can only Buy some Properties and sell.

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Let’s dive into the main topic.

Why GTA Vice city has no end? Why companies Rockstar do this?

#1. Reason 1

If the Company is working on a new Game and the time Gap for creating a new game is maybe Too much. Then they want something interesting in Game by which person or gamers will stick to that Game. It is just like a trap for gamers. As you know there are a lot of hardcore gamers who even complete the whole game within 2 or 3 days.

Many of my friends even complete a lot of games within two days. Then think why a company makes a game which completes within a few days. That’s why GTA vice city has no end. They only want Gamers will play that role for some long time. Enjoy that character.

In end, you have the complete Vice city. Now you can do whatever you want. All the things have been unlocked. They have everything in that city. Now you will rule in that city.

#2. Reason 2

Now, do you ever think why the GTA series has mods and cheat codes? Why the company didn’t ban this. Even they can ban this easily. Rockstar company can easily restrict mod’s and cheat. Why they are not restricting this thing. Why this game has That much possibilities.

The only answer is to increase Gaming experience. To increase the limits in Game. The end goal is to full fill the Time Gap between old Game and new game and this thing only be fulfilled by something which increases your interest in that game. Keeping its craze on the top of the world.

Secret? Why Vice City Have No Ending?

In this video, you will know more about GTA vice city and about other open-world games. Why these games have no end? Why these game companies allow cheats and mods without any restrictions.

Maybe you know all these things but many of us even don’t know about why GTA Vice City has no end. If you have any query please leave a comment below. Our team will respond to it.


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